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Anime Recommendations

Scissor Seven

It's about an amnesiac - Seven - who needs money, so his friend makes him become an assassin. Seven's weapon are scissors he controls with magic. Despite the premise, the 1st season is pretty lighthearted (though there's one S1 episode that was unexpectedly dark). The show's main strengths are characters and plot. There are a whole bunch of side characters, which are still relevant in the newest season, even though it's plot-heavy. Season 4 is going to be released on the 21st this month!
Warnings: murder (duh), suicidal tendencies, mentions of cancer.

Great Pretender

This one's about the (self-proclaimed) greatest swindler of Japan - Makoto Edamura - who gets out-scammed by Laurent Thierry, who's probably the best in the entire world. They end up scamming criminals together.
It has really good animation and a unique art style. There was a lot of thought and effort put into the different languages spoken (in the Japanese version at least) - for example, Laurent's VA for speaking English has a French accent, and the characters who are supposed to speak Mandarin actually speak Mandarin.
Warnings: selling children, murder, abuse, terrorism, trauma, depression, drugs, alcohol, smoking, unspecified terminal disease.

Kotaro Lives Alone

Kotaro is a 4-year-old who moves into Karino's apartment complex. Karino ends up taking care of Kotaro, together with the other neighbors.
The series is largely episodic, with a few multi-episode plotlines. The dark themes and cute things make each other hit harder.
Warnings: child abuse, child abuse victim justifying child abuse, child neglect, death.
Geographical MMO zone concept
I've always been fascinated with environment/level design. I used to play around with UDK when I was younger and love coming up with different environments that I picture being part of a MMO world.

A concept I've envisioned is an area struck long ago by an asteroid, leaving a crater so wide and deep that it's challenging to distinguish the geographical depression when standing within it. The impact occurred so many years ago that the region has since been overtaken by foliage and unique forms of wildlife. The walls surrounding the outer edges of the crater have transformed into mountains, with natural rivers that have formed flowing over the edges like waterfalls, channeling into a central lake.

The impact had not only left behind breathtaking geography but also bestowed the region with subterranean hidden riches. The very nature of the asteroid, composed of exotic minerals and precious elements, mingled with the planet's soil and water. Over millennia, this fusion birthed a treasure trove of resources that gradually seeped into the ecosystem. The abundance of mineral deposits within the soil caused the trees and foliage to grow unusually large compared to the surounding area.

The crater, once a scar on the planet's surface, had transformed into a beacon of otherworldly natural beauty and excellence. Due to it's vast supply of resources, inhabitants of the world have often been drawn to try and extract the wealth from the region threatening the integrity of the ecosystem.
Wasn't sure the best board to post this in. Maybe worth creating one for "Geography"?
a month ago
Everyone excited for Starfield?

I am so hyyyped for Starfield, actually considering to stay up to 3am and then go to work afterwards lol. Don't think my boss will be quite happy if I do that though.

What about you? Also, no spoilers pls
Pretty stoked to play it. The reviews seems pretty positive overall, however I do question the integrity of some of the reviewers. I watched a couple YouTube reviews from some creators that I trust and they had some concerning criticism that I didn't really see addressed in most of the other reviews.

For example, apparently the procedural generation was way over promised. Entire areas and scenarios are re-used over and over again throughout the different planets. Also you can't just freely explore planets like they lead people on to believe. Apparently if you wander too far from your ship, a message pops up on your screen saying you can't walk any further and have to turn back. There's also a bunch of bugs, but that's to be expected from a Bethesda title.
24 days ago